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FlyHenry PPG and FLY meters

Posted on 15 April 2014 @ 5:04 pm

Kiwi-Air is the official New Zealand distributor for the amazing PPG Meter and FLY Meter from Fly Henry.

PPG meterFLY meter

The PPG meter is an affordable multi-sensor device for your paramotor or trike. It allows you to keep an eye on engine RPM's, cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas temperature, fuel level and it will keep track of the working hours of the engine. Of course the device will warn you if any of the sensor values are out of (configurable) safe bounds or if it is time to service your engine.

PPG meter colors
The PPG Meter comes in 5 colors; black, dark blue, light blue, orange or red.

The best thing about the PPG meter is the fuel sensor. It's just awesome to KNOW how much fuel you have left, no more guessing and having to break off amazing flights because you are unsure about how much fuel you have left.

The EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensor is very nice to have too. The reason is that the EGT sensor gives you very direct feedback about the temperature. A CHT (cylinder head temperature) sensor measures the head temperature. This temperature is always a bit delayed because the head needs to warm up. If you have a sudden spike in temperature because something inside your machine breaks (or because you have a hotspot at a certain throttle opening), the EGT will directly show this and if it is above the temperature threshold you've set it will blink a very bright LED, warning you of an abnormal condition. This early warning system could save your machine whereas CHT maybe too late by the time it warns you.

The PPG meter comes with an an external 9V battery case that you can cable-tie to your frame. The battery case has an on/off switch and the 9V battery lasts for >40 hours of operation.

If you have an electric start engine you can connect the PPG meter directly to the starter battery.

Price list (including GST):

Item Price (NZD)
PPG Meter (electric) + CHT sensor $229
PPG Meter (battery) + CHT sensor $249
FLY Meter + CHT sensor $409
EGT sensor $109
Fuel sensor $119
Flow sensor $119

Complete PPG package deal consisting of PPG meter + battery, CHT sensor, EGT sensor and a fuel sensor: $475.

Orders: Please contact us!

CHT SensorEGT SensorFlow SensorFuel Sensor

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