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MACFLY paramotors

Posted on 06 January 2015 @ 3:01 pm

Kiwi-Air is proud to be the official New Zealand distributor of MACFLY paramotors.

Please click through to the MACFLY website for product descriptions and check back with us for a competitive quote!

MACFLY paramotors are without a doubt the best paramotors on the market today, for the following reasons:

  • Design
  • The weight distribution of the paramotor is perfect; most weight high up and close to your back. This makes it easy to stand up and run, even with a fully fueled up MACFLY 250cc engine on your back! On top of that the MACFLY paramotors radiate quality and sheer sexiness!

  • Titanium Frame
  • An aluminium frame is nice and light, but one harder landing and it's all bent out of shape. Steel is strong, but way too heavy. The MACFLY frames are made of high grade titanium; stronger than steel and lighter than aluminium. The frames are very well made and the entire cage can be assembled or disassembled in under 1 minute! If you do manage to break or bend it; any high grade steel welder can weld high grade titanium (in other words; most engineering shops can).

  • Harness
  • Super comfortable and high quality Sup'Air paramotoring harness with optional side pocket for reserve chute.

  • Polini Engines
  • All MACFLY paramotors are powered by Polini; high quality Italian 2-stroke engines specifically designed for paramotoring. Polini is a huge company with loads of engineers and is one of the few companies that has the size and financial ability to solve problems quickly should they arise.

  • Torque
  • MACFLY has designed their frames so well that even on a Thor 200 at full throttle you can hardly notice the torque effect. MACFLY frames use mid-low-hangpoints, allowing for a comfortable ride while still being able to use weight-shift to turn. At full power on my MACFLY Thor 200 I can make a counter-torque turn with just weight-shift (and if you know a little bit about torque then that really says a lot!).

  • Flash Starter
  • All MACFLY engines are equipped with a Flash Starter. This device uses a spring system to build up the force required to turn the engine over. The use of the Flash Starter system results in a 6 year old girl being able to start a Thor 200cc engine!

These engines sell themselves so please come have a look! Assemble it, disassemble it, put it on your back, cold start it, warm start it: Come have a play!

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